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Ways to Live Forever is a film based on the 2008 book of the same name.  The story centers around Sam, a boy who is dying from leukemia.  He and his fellow leukemia patient, Felix, begin asking existential and philosophical questions about why they were chosen to die.  The two kids embark on a quest to complete everything on their bucket list. This ranges from eating worms to smoking cigarettes to kissing girls.  The movie does have a somber tone, but focuses on the positive aspect of the boys’ experiences.  The movie is partnered with various pediatric cancer foundations across the country.  A portion of the revenue is going to the pediatric cancer foundations Pablove, and the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.  Unfortunately, pediatric cancer is still an underserved segment of the general cancer donations and research.  While there is a lot of support breast cancer thanks to the pink uniforms sports teams wear on Mother’s Day, and general cancer thanks to Livestrong, pediatric cancer foundations are lagging behind in support.  It would be good to remind people that gold is the official color of pediatric cancer, even though it is not as recognizable as the ubiquitous pink for breast cancer.  The small pediatric cancer foundations really need your support since a family that has to deal with the expenses of cancer is crippled financially.  In one case, a family from Croation had to pay a Philadelphia hospital 800k but that’s an extreme case.  Thankfully, the family had the support of many pediatric cancer foundations to help pay that outrageous bill.  Other ways charity groups have raised money for pediatric cancer foundations are marathons, dance a thons, and shave a thons.  The dance a thons are particularly impressive as Penn St raised 12 million last week in support of pediatric cancer foundations.

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